Our Treat Points loyalty program

Earn points with products bought online through our store

Not only can you earn points from every product purchase on our on-line store, but you can redeem them for a cash discount on any purchase on our website thereafter. Just look out for this Icon in your checkout to see the points you can earn, and the discount you can get. It’s our gift to you for being such an awesome customer. You can use it for discounts on Food, Treats, Collars, Daycare, Boarding or even a Grooming for your best friend! So go ahead start saving from today!

Note: The Dog Den Treat Points are only earned on Product purchases including Dog Food, Treats, Spa products (shampoos and soaps), Collars, Leads, and Toys. Treat points are not earned on purchases for services like Daycare, Boarding or Grooming.

How do you earn points?

Every time you purchase a product from our store (Food, Treats, Toys, Spa products, Collars and accessories) you earn Treat points on your account. You will see the number of points earned in your cart when you click to purchase. You earn 1 treat point for each $1 spent (excluding GST). The treat points are only visible when you create an account on our store, which requires an email address as your account ID and a password. Going onto the My Account part of the store, you can then see how many points you have accumulated. 200 Treat points is equivalent to a $10 cash discount on your next purchase (and proportionally for more or less Treat points).

So if you purchase your normal food and treats from us, you will then get discounts on Day care and Grooming for your best friend. And we also promise to match the price of our food products with any of the major pet retailers in NZ. 

Treat Points can be re-deemed for a discount on any purchase on our on-line store after they have been earned. That includes the purchase of services such as Daycare flexi passes and Grooming through the on-line store. 

How do you redeem your points?

It is simple to redeem your points. Just go onto an item you want to purchase, and add it to your cart. Then click on the option to use your Treat points for a discount. In the process of checkout, you will get an option to use your points, and the calculation will let you know what the remaining balance owing is after the discount. 

Note: To redeem your points you need to exceed the minimum spend in your cart of $25, and then the option to redeem your points again any purchases will appear. 

Remember you can use your treat points to get a discount on Daycare Flexi passes, and Grooming, as well as any of our product purchases. Just remember that Treat Points have a 180 day expiry date from date of purchase, so be sure to use them up before then. We will remind you at least 2 weeks before the expiry date of your points via email. 

Terms Of Use

  1. The Treat Points reward scheme is a commercial product of The Dog Den, which is a Trademarked and protected NZ brand. The Dog Den may change or amend the scheme at a later date, and will notify customers 28 days before any changes are made. Existing commitments outlined in terms of process, and redemption value at the time of purchase will be honoured.
  2. Only Products sold through The Dog Den On-line Store will earn Treat Points. For clarification, there will be no Treat Points earned on Daycare Passes, or Grooming services. Treat points will be earned at the time of purchase on Treats, Dog Food, Toys, Collars, Lead, Spa products (soaps and shampoos), and other accessories.
  3. For every $1 spent on the identified products earning points (see point 2 above), 1 Treat point will be earned. Note the price of the products earning points is exclusive of GST.
  4. 200 Treat points can be redeemed for $10 discount on a future purchase. The proportion of Treat points to cash discount will remain in this ratio, unless there is a revised scheme which supersedes this version (May 2020). We will honour whatever ratio is published on the site at the time of purchase with regards to redemption value. 
  5. Treat points will only be earned for purchases via the On-line store, and through an account. This is simple to set up, but is required to show the account holder their purchases and point earned. 
  6. It will not be possible to redeem Treat Points for cash. 
  7. Treat points will expire if not used after 180 days from the date of the purchase. There is an automatic mechanism to remind you via email at least 2 weeks prior to the expiry of the points. 
  8. Treat points will not be normally earned for purchases in the store at The Dog Den Centre, 23 Barrys Point Road, Takapuna. It is for on-line purchases only. Treat points maybe added manually after a physical purchase, at Management’s discretion, if the customer creates an on-line account on the on-line store. The account is required to add Treat Points to, as part of the process. 
  9. To redeem Treat Points, the cart value must be great than $25 including GST. 
  10. See our Data protection and privacy policy for more information regarding how we will hold and use the data your provide us with to create your account, and administer the Treat Points award scheme. You may from time to time receive notification of number of points held, and redemption options. 
  11. Some products maybe excluded from the Treat Points scheme. Particularly if they are already on sale or discounted. 
  12. If there is any dispute or more information required on the scheme, or an issue to resolve, please send an email to accounts@thedogden.co.nz