Our Puppy Preschool covers all your puppy training needs

Give your puppy the best start in life!

As a new pet owner learning to understand your puppies behaviour is invaluable, and puppy training classes are a great idea. During the ages of 8-16 weeks, puppies absorb new information much easier and quicker than after this age. This makes puppy training so important, so we provide a dedicated puppy preschool. Its also a great way to meet new puppy friends, and be exposed to environments.

What is Puppy Preschool:

This 4 week course is run in partnership with Lyn Spathis who has over 30 years experience working with dogs. Classes are made up of up to 6-8 dogs in a safe indoor facility. Our groups are focused to optimise puppy training and learning.

Classes will be held at The Dog Den in Takapuna, in our day care facility

We cover basic obedience & socialisation to get your pup to be comfortable, focused & following your directions.

We also cover:

  • Toilet and crate training
  • Learning positive training techniques
  • Puppy problems e.g. mouthing, jumping up, etc
  • Basic obedience skills: recall, sit, down. lead walking
  • How to enhance puppy/owner relationship
  • Puppy parents will also gain an understanding of canine communication, to help understand how your puppy is feeling.
  • We will provide an introduction to doggy day care.

At the end of the 4 weeks, your puppy will be presented with a personalised graduation certificate and a voucher for 1 full day or two half days, day care at The Dog Den.

How to prepare for our puppy training classes at Puppy Preschool:

  • Your puppy should wear a collar and be on a lead (no choker chains please). Bring a mat or blanket for your puppy to sit on. This will be his or her safe and ‘calm' area.
  • Please don't feed your puppy before the class and instead bring your puppies dinner kibble or high-value treats with you to be used as a training aid.
  • We suggest you bring along some of your puppies favourite treats and perhaps a "chewy" to keep them occupied while we are talking.
  • Please do not bring your puppy to class if he/she is unwell. We suggest that you still attend the class yourself to observe what is being discussed.
  • Please toilet your dog before coming to class.

How to enrol:


  • 21st January 2021 (Programme completed)
  • 18th February 2021 Thurs nights (Programme underway)
  • 22nd February 2021 Mon nights (Programme underway)
  • 18th March 2021 Thurs nights (Enrolling now - 2 spaces left)
  • 22nd March 2021 Mon nights   (Enrolling now)

Enrol online (see below)
Cost is $180 and a great investment
To ensure the best protection for your puppy, puppies will need to have had their 1st vaccination to attend. Your puppy preschool course comes with a pass for 1 day for your puppy at our daycare centre, and 20% off your first groom with our award winning groomer. We are also currently sponsored by Blackhawk so there are gifts and puppy food included as well.

Please call us first before enrolling to check if we have any spaces available, as each class sells out.

Payment for Puppy Preschool is due within 48 hours of enrolling to secure your place.  Our classes are usually over-subscribed, so we may need to offer the space to the next puppy waiting to join the class if payment has not been made.

About our Trainer Lyn:

Lyn is the proud owner of two Border Collies, Cobber and Gusto. Her life and passion is all about dogs! She has worked as a veterinary nurse for over 30 years, taking puppy classes during this time, and also works as a dog walker.

One of her hobbies is Competitive Dog Obedience  and she has attained  the title of Obedience champion with two of her dogs. She also enjoys instructing at the North Shore Dog Training Club. In July 2020 Lyn and Cobber achieved the title of Obedience Grand Champion.

Her aim in taking puppy classes is to encourage, and see develop positive relationships between people and their pups.

Terms and conditions
  1. All dogs must have had their first set of vaccinations to attend. The Dog Den is sanitised daily to a very high standard. All dogs attending are fully vaccinated. Every attempt is made to prevent any spreading of disease, although this cannot be guaranteed 100%
  2. To prevent the spread of infections between centres, we have a stand down period of 7 days if any dog goes to another dog daycare centre or kennel. So if you puppy attends another dog daycare centre they must have 7 clear days before they can attend our puppy class. 
  3. Up to 2 persons per dog may attend. More by prior approval. We don't want the experience to be overwhelming for the dogs
  4. If your dog is sick, please let us know and don't attend. We will either organise for you to join the same session on another programme, or supply you with the information missed, or organise a replacement session.
  5. By enrolling for this programme you give us permission to hold your data in accordance with our privacy policy (see main Terms and Conditions at bottom of page).
  6. Payment must be made in full before the programme starts. Payment can be made on-line through our on-line store. Or in person at The Dog Den via Eftpos or credit card.
  7. We will start promptly at 7pm, so please be here by 645pm.
  8. The course contents remain the intellectual property of Lyn Spathis and The Dog Den Limited.
Because the course is arranged in advance, and costs are incurred, once the course has commenced, i'm afraid we are unable to make a refund. If you wish to cancel please contact us at least 48 hrs before the first session.


Dani Froude

Thanks so much Steve! We loved the puppy school it was really educational and fun for us! Lynn was amazing too.Great job! Would recommend to anyone!

Dani Froude Billie - Spoodle
Frances Beggs

Thank you Steve for a great Puppy Preschool class at The Dog Den. Lyn is an amazing teacher and Gus & Cobba are inspirational. It's a wonderful safe environment, Pippi and her humans have learnt some valuable skills! She loves her new possum toy! Thanks so much, thoroughly recommend and look forward to using your daycare in the near future 😊”

Frances Beggs Pippi - Airedale Terrier
Lyn Hagger, Bill and Roxy

Thank you so much for a fantastic course. We really enjoyed it .Also a very big thank you for the generous gifts .Much appreciated . Have a lovely weekend everyone Lyn , Bill & Roxy.

Lyn Hagger, Bill and Roxy
Corinne Aulsford & Frankie

Thanks so much Lyn and SteveWe loved our puppy training you will see Frankie soon I'm sure he'll love day care once a week.Regards Corinne 😊😊

Corinne Aulsford & Frankie
Penehe Sola & Ruffus

Thank you for having us at the puppy training. I’ve learnt soo much from the classes we had. And I would really recommend it to anyone. keep up with the good work and stay safe.Kind regardsPenehe and Ruffus

Penehe Sola & Ruffus
Shaf Asif & Fuji

The puppy school was fabulous. Fuji had socialision issues in his early years and Lyn facilitated a way for him to co-exist and play with dogs much bigger and active than him. The littlest tips from Lyn go a long way as well, she really knows her stuff"We are very happy with the grooming and daycare facilities at The Dog Den. For a 4 month old puppy who was quite introverted and cautious, he comes out of his shell when at TDD. Also the groomer is one of few in the market who understands the complexities of grooming a double coated breed. Highly recommended."

Shaf Asif & Fuji
Trina Lincoln & Bailey

Being first time puppy owners choosing the right puppy pre-school was so important to us. Steve and Helen were great answering all of my questions in advance so we knew what to expect and so welcoming each week even remembering all the puppies names. Preschool was great - Lynn the trainer was amazing and the classes weren’t limited to training but also covered grooming, well-being and whatever else people were struggling with. The class was disrupted for Covid lockdown and the communication from Dog Den team during this was outstanding. We have finished preschool feeling less overwhelmed and are now excited to have Bailey start daycare at the Dog Den confident that Steve and Helen love her as much as we do and that she will have the best time.

Trina Lincoln & Bailey