1. Dogs that bite
    We reserve the right to refuse grooming services if your dog is significantly aggressive and we cannot continue with respect to the safety of the dog and the groomer. If we cannot continue, you (the owner) will be contacted immediately and asked to collect your dog.
    If you have told us that your dog may bite, a muzzle may be used.
    Additional charges may apply if your dog is particularly problematic or difficult to groom or has aggressive tendencies.
    You (the owner) understand that you are legally responsible for any bites or injury sustained by the groomer caused by your dog.
  2. Pre-existing medical conditions
    The health, safety and welfare of your dog is our priority – but we are not liable for any pre-existing medical conditions or any health issues that we may discover during the grooming process.
    Note: We are not qualified veterinarians – please see a qualified professional if the groomer makes any observations, suggestions or recommendations.
  3. Dogs that need to be sedated
    We do not provide this service.
  4. Matting
    If your dog is matted, it is likely the coat will need to be clipped very close to the skin. By doing this there is a risk your dog may suffer from clipper rash (irritation to the skin). There is also risk of nicks, cuts or abrasions during groom.
    We give matted dogs more breaks during the pre-clip. If the matting is very severe, we may ask you to bring back your dog for the final clip another day.
    We will do everything we can to avoid unnecessary pain or discomfort and to prevent a bad experience for your dog.
    If your dog is groomed while excessively matted and with poor coat condition, you agree that The Dog Den will not be held liable for any costs or fault if veterinary care is needed after the groom.
    Additional charges may apply if your dog is excessively matted.
  5. Fleas
    We take fleas in our salon very seriously, especially the possibility of spreading fleas to other people’s dogs. If your dog is found to have fleas, your dog will be bathed immediately with a flea shampoo treatment and you will be charged an additional $20.00. This treatment and cost is non-negotiable.
  6. Appointment reminders
    Reminders – Mark it in your calendar.
    While The Dog Den  endeavour to send text or email reminders, this is a courtesy only and cannot be relied upon. You are responsible for setting your own reminders and managing your calendar appointments.
  7. Running late?
    Please let us know as soon as possible! It affects your service provider and other customers.
    We may need to reschedule your grooming appointment if your delay will significantly impact other customers.
  8. Collection of Dogs
    Please be on time to collect your dogs. You will be advised of an estimated completion time and we respectfully request that all dogs are collected within twenty minutes of being notified your dog is ready for collection. Unless arrangements have been made prior, your dog will be transferred into day care. Day care rates apply.GENERAL
  9. We make every effort to ensure your dog is groomed safely. Dogs can be wriggly and move suddenly and mistakes can happen. This could result in nicks, cuts or abrasions. In any case we will not be held responsible. In event of emergency or injury we may seek vet care immediately. All costs will be at the owner’s expense.
  10. Grooming elderly, pregnant or with pre-existing conditions is at the owners risk.
  11. We allow two days (48 hours) from time of which the groom was completed for any amendments Please contact us as soon possible to discuss. Any requests after two days will incur charges.
  12. I understand that I must advise THE DOG DEN if my dog has a history of aggression or biting prior to entering the facility, and I will keep THE DOG DEN informed of any changes to my dog’s behaviour. THE DOG DEN reserves the right to refuse service for my dog.
  13. I understand that I must advise THE DOG DEN if my dog has any medical conditions prior to entering the facility. THE DOG DEN reserves the right to refuse service for my dog.
  14. Owners are to provide documentation demonstrating that all vaccinations are current according to Veterinarian requirements (including Lepto’ and Kennel Cough (12 month) for Dogs). However, it must be understood even though all dogs at THE DOG DEN are vaccinated, this may not fully protect my dog. I understand my Vet will advise further.
  15. THE DOG DEN has the right to refuse service to me and my dog at any time and for any reason.
  16. Once signed, this contract is valid for all subsequent appointments. However, the terms and conditions of this contract are subject to change without notice. It is recommended the Owner update themselves on each visit or via our website
  17. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you are giving permission for THE DOG DEN to take and use photos of my dog to post on their social media sites.
  18. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you are giving permission for THE DOG DEN to contact my veterinarian to confirm my dog is up to date with his/her vaccinations.