The best time ever, for your furry best friend

At The Dog Den we aim to provide a premium service to customers who want the best for their dogs.

We have revised our boarding service offering in part due to the reduced demand related to Covid19 travel restrictions, but also because we believe in a 1on1 boarding experience, the type of service we want for our own dog.

Following the second Covid19 wave (August 2020), as of 1st September we have stopped providing boarding care due to the significantly reduced demand. This means for the level of care we insist on providing the staff costs are now prohibitive without a minimum number of dogs staying per night. At the moment the demand is not meeting the minimum number of dogs, and even though we want to provide an end to end service, we cannot afford to offer a service that costs us more to pay our staff than we receive in income.

To provide all our customers with adequate notice, we will not be offering a boarding service from 1st September onwards and that includes during the last set of school holidays in 2020 (although we will be open for daycare as usual), or during the 2020/21 Xmas and New Year break.

This will be reviewed in 2021. We apologise but we are not willing to compromise on the standard and quality of care we provide.

Dogs boarding with us are supervised by our team at all times. They attend day care during the days, but we walk them outside the centre as well. We look after their food and medication requirements, and provide a lot of love and affection as well. They do sleep in quality crates at night, and become part of our family while you are away.